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                                                                                                            Written By: Tristan Collins



Five black urban strangers  acquire powers while in a hospital. Hidden in general population four of the strangers are requested to stop the maniacal fifth.




Smoke, Robul, Elyse, and Tessar are seen at a designated location in which they were summoned to by Dr. Oaa. The doctor explains to them that in 2011 there was a scare that the Myan calendar could be accurate in the end of civilization. Because of this, a secret organization he worked for decided to speed up testing of a foreign substance that when injected into blood fights off anything foreign in the body. The doctor was told to try it on individuals least likely to be in the public eye (at a poor hospital). They would deem these people Neglected Individuals in Need of Just ActionS aka N.I.N.J.A.S. This explains why poverty stricken Robul beat cancer, Elyse overcame a snake bite and was cured of her aids etc. Dr. Oaa then tells the NINJAS that VEO ERUM a falsely accused prisoner was a NINJA too but  unlike the four of them desires bloodshed. Smoke is naively intrigued. Robul doesn’t give a fuck. Elyse states her only goal is the well being of her kids and Tessar believes it is time to put his life on the line for a change. Dr. Oaa assures the noise ERUM makes will bring attention to the NINJAS program. The Doctor also states each individual will get whatever they desire if they can help him get VEO ERUM. The four un-synergistically agree to disarm ERUM.  No one can shoot laser beams or fly but with wit persistence caution and experience mixed with a little supernatural help the N.I.N.J.A.S will succeed in completing this task and the dilemmas they individually face in their personal lives.

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