A young scholar which can manipulate matters of gas. An optimistic even though his brother Perlo is in a coma and they are group home kids.


Is a 28 yr old who believes there are no real gangsters left. He is unruly and always felt no one could stop him. When he received the powers of regeneration that ideology became true.  


A mother of two children (ages 6 & 8) does not want nothing other than to keep her kids safe. With the Mexican mafia after her this is hard. Viruses, Spores, and Venom are tinctures of her powers making her goal easier.   


A 50 yr male That is invested in the spiritual world. He is an OG but that is a past time. He carries the Book of Virad. A book that when fed innocent blood lets afterlife seek revenge.


A falsely accused murderer of his 10 yr old son by his wife who lost the custody to Veo. On the day of his execution he survives. He vows to reciprocate his pain to  everyone that has ever been unjust to him.